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Chapter 3
(October 1998 - July 1999)
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Subject: HUHS Class of '78 Reunion
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998
From: Marcia Middleton


I was surfing the Web this evening looking for, of all things, a score for the Hanford Bullpups when I happened upon your site. Great idea!

Since graduation, I kind of fell off the earth with respect to Hanford, and never had any information as to the reunions. Of course, I realized that they were going on, and that I could take a little initiative... But time flies. That said, five years will pass quickly and I would like to be on the list for our 25th reunion, just in case.

As for my story, I am living in Columbia, Maryland and working for a consulting company on chemical weapons destruction. I got here by way of UC Berkeley and The University of Texas. I just kept moving east, but I dream often of my parents farm out in the Central Valley and what it might be like to return. I am thinking that if I continue moving east, I might get there (perhaps by way of Russia where I spent almost half my time in the last year). Of course, we can't go back. My parents have lived in Pismo Beach for 16 years, so I never get "home".

Congratulations on your family. And, congratulations on what looks to have been a successful reunion.

Thanks for creating this site!

P.S. No children, and no significant other. But two nice cats.


Subject: Reunion Review
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998
From: Maria (Costa) Hernandez <>

(Story entered from the Story Form)

The 20 year reunion was a lot of fun. It looked like everyone made a real effort to walk around to talk to everyone else. The atmosphere was very friendly, with lots of conversation and laughter. Several of us met for lunch later that week to catch up a little more on what we had been doing the past 20 years.

Every five years seems to have a different mix of persons attending. It would be great if everyone decided to make the 25th reunion the one they would attend.

Thanks Brad, for putting this website together. This is a great place for people to give their input regarding the 25th reunion also. It's never too early to begin gathering ideas. Anyone interested in organizing the next reunion can contact either Danette (Hart) Bettencourt at the Kings Federal Credit Union regarding the Class of '78 account, or myself for the class database.

Hope to see you at the 25th.

Maria (Costa) Hernandez

(From the Story Form - favorite ice cream: Rocky Road; favorite sport: Basketball)


Date: Sun Mar 7, 1999
From: Colleen Magee Grim

Hi there "upper classmates"!! And again Brad, great website, great idea!! I just wanted to invite any '78 alumni to our '79 website, we have a place for you all to post on the Delphi message board...did you know anyone from '79 that you'd like to contact? Check here! Hope to see some of you there and hope our reunion will be as enjoyable as yours was!! Take Care!

Colleen Magee Grim

Class of 1979


Date: Tue Mar 9,1999
From: Steven Webb

My name is Steven Webb. I like Cookie Dough ice cream and Snowboarding. I go to hanford high right now! i'm a 10 grader....


Subject: reunions
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999

Did we have any reunions in the past and do you know if there will be any others?? I have been trying to get some information. Thanks for your time.


Subject: Short summary of where I have been
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999
From: Marcie Lindley

I attended College of Sequoias in Visalia for awhile taking accounting. Shortly after I married an "upper" classman and moved to San Diego. Five years later I left after my divorce. I moved to Texas for awhile when I remarried, but alas it was not to be. I then moved to Virgina on my own with two children leaving one behind with my ex. Started my own business. I then decided to go back to school again. I took Computer Specialist and Taxation. I then closed my small business and started working for H&R Block as a tax preparer. In 1993 I met my husband Steve. We were married on Valentines day in 1995.

I have had six children ... never expected I could manage more then two honestly. My first set are gone on their own now. Kristena is 21 with her own daughter. Allen is soon to be 19. The one I left with my ex is 13. Then our three are Paul Kyle soon to be 7, Corey James soon to be 4, and our daughter Heather Rene who will turn 2 in August.

My husband is in the Navy. He is from North Carolina so I know I will not be coming "home" to stay. But I hope to soon be able to visit. I hope to see everyone I missed sorely in my life at the 25th reunion. Till then may all your lives be blessed and memorable ....



Subject: Looking for the class of 1979
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: Barbara (Bengston) Huffman

"It was a dark and windy night . . ." Actually hot and slightly windy night when I decided to look for the class of 1979 website for my husband's upcoming 20 year reunion when I found this one. I'm very excited about it please add me to your list --my e-mail address is: I also agree that the reunion was fun but the music was awful (sorry) and not very exciting to dance to and it ended too soon. It was fun talking to people I've never spoken to and fun to see how people have changed and not changed. I have two girls, age 12 and 7, Kristin and Kaylee. They are involved in Gymnastics, blading and music. I've worked at the same place for 16 years--Hanford Community Medical Center. I'm currently in the process of selling my home and planning our summer vacation! It will be fun to read these stories. Thanx!


Subject: Dreaming about the class of 1978 on the Internet
Date: Sat, Jun 26 1999
From: Denise (Evans) Ward-Hildebrand

It was a dark and windy night when I had a dream about my class being on the internet. The next day I did some searching and found this site. What a great idea. I never did receive any information about the reunion. When I finally heard about it, I was unable to get out of my work commitments. I hope to go to the 25th.

The last 20 years I have lived in Utah. In 1981 I married my first husband. When our son was five months old, he was killed in an industrial accident. After he died I went back and finished my degree at Brigham Young University and started working. I was a single mom for about ten years. In 1994 I married my current husband. We met at work. I currently work as a Flight nurse for LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. Much of my time is flying on the helicopter and occasionally on the airplane. We cover the Intermountian area. It is a job I really enjoy doing.

My son will soon be 17 years old. Living in Salt Lake City you can't help but get involved with all the out door activities. He enjoys climbing and skiing, but really loves football.

We live in a canyon, so we can go hiking in the summer and snowshoeing/x-country skiing in the winter, just out my backyard.

I have kept in contact with Michele Andrus, she lives 30 miles away from me in Orem Utah. I hear that LeeAnn Thompkins lives down there too.

Hope to hear from people.

Sincerely, Denise


Subject: Class of 78!
Date: Sun, Jul 25 1999
From: Steven Reyes

Last night I attended my wife's 20 year Hanford High reunion (Class 79), and it made me a tad bit sad that I did not have the opportunity to attend my own. I have been traveling during these past twenty years and my address has changed many times, but I am now retired, from the Marine Corps. Stacy and I, have returned to Fresno, and can be contacted anytime. This will insure that I do not miss our next gathering. My fellow 78 graduates, be well and take care.

Steven Reyes
237 N. Shirley
Fresno, CA 93727



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