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Welcome to the Hanford Joint Union High School
Class of 1978 Virtual Class Reunion!
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~ Hanford Alma Mater ~

Praise to thee we bring
Loyal sons and daughters
Raise your voice and sing
Proud to wear thy colors
Thee we will not fail
As we go forth to conquer
Hanford High, all hail.

Reunion Plans (Updated - May 28, 2008)
30 year reunion plans are underway!
Save the date - Saturday, August 23, 2008.
Place - Hanford Elks Lodge
Cost - $30 per person
Dinner - Tri-Tri, Chicken or Vegetarian Lasagna
Entertainment - DJ David Barba
Contact - for more information!

Story Form (November 2007)
Recently I discoverd that the story form I was using had been hijacked by spammers. I'm sorry for that problem. Please send in your stories by here.

Dateline November, 2003
Reunion organizers announce a drawing for a brand new copy of our Senior year yearbook, Janus 1978. Attendees will receive a ticket for a drawing to be held at the reunion. You can win, if you come!

Check out the new additions to our Photo Gallery! It's fun to Look Back . . .

Dateline May, 2003 -
Meet us August 9th at the Elks Club in Hanford, CA.

Dateline March, 2003 -
New stories coming in each week. Add yours today!

Dateline January, 2003 -
The 25 year reunion is officially scheduled for August 9, 2003. Click here to view the invitation. More detials here . . . And, don't forget to send in your comments about the reunion or to update your classmates about your life these past years. Just visit Then and Now for details about the event and other class news! Tell Us Your Story . . .




Dateline 2007:
It's hard to believe that another five years have gone by. The 20 year reunion on July 11, 1998 is history. The 25 year reunion is now history. Now we are planning a 30th Reunion and we want you to be a part of it. Follow plans as the come together here. Click here for a brief update on plans as they get started.

Don't forget to send in your comments about the reunion and visit Then and Now for details about the event and other class news!

The Class of 1978 virtual reunion will continue. Join your classmates online to celebrate those wonderful high school days.

You can recall some of those fun days through stories and pictures. This is your opportunity to speak up and communicate with all those fellow classmates you've wondered about for years. To tell everyone about what you've been up to these past years, click into "Tell Us Your Story," or choose "Then and Now" to read what others are saying. "Looking Back" is a virtual photo essay view of 1978. We'd love to add more so get in touch with me if you have other pictures (old and new) that you'd like to add to our site.

We hope you enjoy and contribute to the online festivities!
Brad Lakritz
Class President, 1976-77
Student Body President, 1977-78

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