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Here is a place where you can add to a growing virtual "Where are they now" Class of 1978 alumni reunion. If nothing else, we'll all be able to learn about each other through the stories we tell about our journeys over the past 20 years. Your short story would be interesting and would certainly be a fun to post for all to read.

This section of the site will be updated regularly to tell people what's been going in people's lives. This may also generate some fun activities for the reunion.

Would you like to participate? The guidelines are simple. Write whatever you want, send in a picture(s) of you and your family. We'll post them here. We will also add your name, city, and E-mail address to the Class List if you approve.

You can use this online form, or send your messages and picture attachments to Me here directly

Note: If you are using E-mail, copy the text of your message and paste it into the body of an E-mail message. Then attach any graphic photo to the E-mail before sending.

You cannot attach a picture file to this form, please E-mail that to me directly.

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